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When you understand yourself better...You will understand others better.

Knowing yourself better is always the first step - to being a better leader, to having more productive relationships, to making better decisions and to mastering the mindset required to create a better life and business.

Knowing yourself is the first step to becoming a better version of yourself, a better human.

Self Awareness & Self Expression

.... because you are ready to understand yourself on a deeper level and to consciously express your thoughts and feelings with confidence .

Self Doubt & Self Sabotage

.... because you are ready to uplevel your life and business and know that it is time you started working with yourself not against yourself .

Self Belief & Self Reliance

.... because you are ready to be your own best friend, to trust yourself more, be more resilient and become your own guide in life and business .

Self Acceptance & Self Love

.... because you are ready to embrace your imperfections, put yourself first and live with greater patience and self compassion .


If we do not understand our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours what hope do we have of understanding other people?

If we do not understand ourselves deeply what hope do we have of clearly communicating our desires, dreams, needs, beliefs, vision and without honest communication how then are others suppose to understand and connect with us?

It starts with you - you get to decide - you choose. 

Stop the story. Stop wasting your time living someone else's life. Take your time, energy and strength and channel it into change; consciously decide what you are going to think, feel, do, give, be, and become. Now is the time to step up and live life on your terms - what is an extraordinary life for you? See yourself through different eyes, experience a different energy, take the time to design your life - remember who you are. There is nothing to fix but everything to free.

It is time to make a change, to shift your focus, to find a new direction, to explore a level of authenticity that leads to a rich and fulfilled life.



Oak Tree Barn

This workshop series is hosted in the heart of the North Somerset countryside at Oak Tree Barn in Burrington, a place of outstanding natural beauty which encourages both creativity and contentment.

Our wonderful host, Vanessa Dennett, welcomes us into her special space and provides a sumptuous home-made lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea, coffee and fresh bakes.


This series of self mastery days provides you with the opportunity to unplug from your life and invest time in your own personal growth, a chance to rediscover and connect with your true nature.

They allow you to experience a new perspective, surrounded by creative minds and supportive relationships.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join me in this process of self mastery towards a new way of being.


The Self Mastery Series


✪ Full Day Workshop 
✪ Small group (max 8 people)
✪ Lunch and Refreshments
✪ Workbook
✪ Stunning rural venue in Burrington.


In addition to a full day workshop you will also have the opportunity to book a 60 minute follow up session, (valued at £150), to tweak your plan and make sure you effectively integrate the workshop learning into real life!



Individual workshops: £147

✯ Deposit £49 secures your place.
✯ 2 payments of £49

Want to do the whole series? - £497

✯ Deposit £197 secures your place.
✯ 3 payments of £100

All Payments must be finalised before the day of your final workshop.

Want to pay in full straight way?
✯ Email me:


Want to chat about whether this is for you? Book in a free consultation.

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