Rise and Shine


Change Your Focus; Change Your Life

It is time to shift from the distraction of doing to the satisfaction of being


No one wants to live an existence without meaning and purpose. No one wants to be trapped in a life somewhere on the spectrum between unmotivated and completely lost where everything seems to take immense effort, an uphill battle, and on some days you just don't feel like yourself anymore. You have lost sight of who you are, what is important to you, what you value, what makes you happy, what makes life fun - fun? what's fun? In fact life has become humdrum, driven by habit and not passion, meaning, direction and fulfillment. You are stuck. It is so easy to get stuck in a cycle of living a life influenced by imposed standards, societal norms, the opinions of others, judgement, competition and our own fear-driven, subsistence mindset.

Yesterday it was enough.

Today it isn't.

Be Brave, Be Different, Be You

It is time to make a change, to shift your focus, to find a new direction, to explore a level of authenticity that leads to a rich and fulfilled life.

It is time to make a change, to shift your focus, to find a new direction, to explore a level of authenticity that leads to a rich and fulfilled life.

It starts with you - you get to decide - you choose. 

Stop the story. Stop wasting your time living someone else's life. Take your time, energy and strength and channel it into change; consciously decide what you are going to think, feel, do, give, be, and become. Now is the time to step up and live life on your terms - what is an extraordinary life for you? See yourself through different eyes, experience a different energy, take the time to design your life - remember who you are. There is nothing to fix but everything to free.

Presence Retreat


This is a living, breathing reality not fanciful thinking or abstract philosophy. Your intuition is the tool that provides you with an inner guidance system designed to assist you in finding and living your purpose. It is your inner compass, your true North. Some of the world's most successful individuals cite their intuition as the key to their success. Your intuition is the secret behind brilliant problem solving, decision making, self trust and belief - the discovery of a deeper truth, a new way of listening and being. It’s time to reconnect with your navigation system by accessing, accepting and trusting your intuition, then weaving this inner wisdom into your everyday life.

Purpose Retreat


How might it feel to live 100% as your true self? Living life "on purpose" instead of haphazardly bouncing day to day, task to task, idea to idea. When you find your true nature and free it into the world you will be amazed at the way life flows. True purpose breathes through you - effortless effort - complete freedom from the burden of busyness, no need to be busy to feel significant anymore. Fulfillment comes through the experience of being your true self, freely, in the world and bringing it to everything you do, equipping you with the tools to live a purposeful life with a meaningful career. Life is easier when you are being your purpose rather than doing what you think you should.

Power Retreat


We all have a fundamental need to search for, and express, our personal freedom and power in life. It is through experiencing our unrestricted freedom that happiness comes. Standing in the power of your own authentic expression exponentially elevates the quality of your life as you commit to removing your fearful thoughts and survival patterns, acts of timidity and permissiveness of others, and the need to be the same as everyone else just to feel as though you belong. Unlock and unleash the forces inside you, break through your limitations and take control of your life. Connect with your authentic self and discover your power.

Patterns Retreat


Do you find yourself caught in certain loops in life? Situations that keep happening which you can’t help but wonder “Why me”? We all have established and recurring patterns of behaviour that are easy to attribute to some external force like “bad luck” but actually somewhere deep down we have an inkling that there might be something we are doing to attract these situations. Your mind can either be your best friend or worst enemy. Transcend your patterns and create positive change. Conquer your mental saboteurs, transform the internal voices that undermine your self confidence, keep you stuck in a recurring life pattern and prevent you from achieving your potential and knowing your true self.


Venue, Catering & Accommodation

Oak Tree Barn

Oak Tree Barn

This transformational series is hosted in the heart of the North Somerset countryside at Oak Tree Barn in Burrington, a place of outstanding natural beauty which encourages both creativity and contentment.

Our wonderful host, Vanessa Dennett, welcomes us into her special space and provides a sumptuous home-made lunch as well as morning and afternoon tea, coffee and fresh bakes.


This series of self development days provides you with the opportunity to unplug from your life and invest time in your own personal growth, a chance to rediscover and connect with your true nature. They allow you to experience a new perspective, surrounded by creative minds and supportive relationships.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to join me in this process of self discovery towards a new way of being - living on purpose and in tune with your truth - achieving new levels of passion, direction, meaning and fulfillment in 2019.


The Self Development Series

What’s Included

  • Three one-day workshops: Presence, Purpose & Power

  • 26th April, 19th July, 8th November

  • One four-hour 1:1 coaching session: Patterns

  • Intimate, consistent group (max 8 people)

  • Lunch and Refreshments

Investment: £600

Need a Payment Plan?

(deposit of £100 required to secure place, then 10 monthly payments)

Want additional one-to-one life coaching sessions? Get one hour after every retreat for £20 per month extra.


New Group Starts: January 2020

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