How it all began 


It’s lonely when you are self-employed, there is a constant question mark over whether you are “doing it right”.

It is so important, when you work for yourself and by yourself, that you have a support network that inspires, stretches and motivates you. A group of trusted confidants who can help you keep your doubts in check and curb feelings of unworthiness. Who can support you through the inevitable “I can’ts” and the regular bouts of "I'm a fraud"; and offer alternatives to the critical self judgments and self imposed limitations. This is what I want to give to others, a way to find all the support they need to help navigate the trials, tribulations and loneliness of being a boss, their own and other people's.

It started with a small, intimate Facebook support group. This idea quickly grew in the mind of this entrepreneur and an amplified vision emerged.

Expert Business Services

What if...

The Business Haven created opportunities for business owners to learn from business experts.

Business Coaching and Training

What if...

The Business Haven provided business coaching and training solutions to small businesses and business owners in the start up, step up and scale up phase of development.

Leadership coaching and mentoring

What if...

The Business Haven became the heart of business connections and collaborations in North Somerset, the United Kingdom, or even the world!

Big Dreams!


In a matter of months the Facebook group expanded into local non-profit events that created learning opportunities for business owners whilst also supporting the wider community through charitable donation. Morning skills sessions and evening speaker sessions brought experts into the community to share their skills with local business owners. Then public workshops launched covering a variety of essential business topics, including communication, networking, public speaking, goal setting, strategic visionary planning, time management, assertiveness, influence and negotiation and sales.

These workshops were quickly discovered by small local businesses and adapted to meet their specific team and leadership training needs - providing “in-house” training solutions that ensured continuous employee skills development.And so the vision continues to evolve and unfold, connecting businesses and giving them a place to collaborate in the spirit of reciprocal support, professional development, genuine g rowth and collective success. Every day The Business Haven helps businesses succeed, hoping that this success ultimately leads to improved service and support within the wider community, the key intent being to “pay it forward”.


Tamsin Background Story

I started my working career teaching Physical Education and History for five years in a co-educational secondary school in Surrey.  Then the adventure began ….

In 2003 I relocated to Africa, trained as a safari guide (FGASA1) and moved to Botswana. During this time I worked for Wilderness Safaris, ultimately finding my purpose in the training and development of local people. I immersed myself in the empowerment of others, committing fully to the personal and professional development of those I trained, coached and mentored. I learned to be completely self sufficient and lived in areas that required me to develop my resourcefulness, resilience, determination, lateral thinking and courage. I learned to simplify everything and to live with the bare minimum.


This experience motivated me to expand my skill set. As my fascination with psychology and the power of the human mind grew I moved to Cape Town and invested in my own development. I spent four years retraining, course after course, and during this time became a Master Life Coach and Trainer and gained an Advanced Certificate in Counselling and Communication.

In 2011 I started my own consultancy, using my knowledge of skill acquisition, training methods, human resources, coaching and my understanding of human behaviour to add value to a number of different businesses as a consultant, training facilitator and business coach. I worked in a variety of industries with people from a range of socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. I became very adept at identifying problems at source, generating solutions in line with the businesses’ best interests, creating a shared vision and working with people and through people to implement and achieve the desired outcome.


My business portfolio included 5* hotels and Wine Estates and Corporate businesses, delivering service excellence, corporate coaching and soft skills training with a communication focus.  I designed bespoke courses for adult education in stress management, self awareness, building resilience,  self esteem & confidence,  managing change, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, presentation skills, time management, business etiquette, communication skills, teamwork, project management, negotiating & influencing, sales, handling complaints, customer service, goal setting, living the values, conflict management, entrepreneurial thinking, purposeful decision making, identity and the enneagram, problem solving, relationship management, fascinating branding, learning & working styles, personal credibility,  leadership, team dynamics & cohesion, delegation & accountability, coaching, motivation, and dealing with workplace issues.


I returned to the UK in December 2014 and spent the first year consulting to small family-run businesses in the care industry. During this time I reconsidered and redefined my business to suit the UK market, first Route2Growth was born and slowly the vision got bigger and The Business Haven began to evolve. …