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"Mastering Mindset and Mental Resilience "

Most of us at some point in our lives experience low confidence or question our self-worth. To add to this, the older we get, the more roles we take on, placing more demands on ourselves and meaning we have less time for reflection.

The thing is, most of our energy and focus is naturally directed towards the outside, rather than the inside. If on top of this, we tend to compare ourselves unfavourably to others which can easily become overwhelming - especially if the foundations we build our happiness on depend on things running smoothly. In this world where change is the only constant, life can challenge us over and over again.

Most would agree that just wanting to contribute to the world is not enough. Life challenges us to build resilience and constantly work on self-development. I’ve realised this in my own case too - there are things I want to do and give to the world which I have the skills to accomplish but I need to work on my resilience. Sometimes you think you have it but you then realise you need to strive to build it up even more. It’s a constant work in progress.

In this two hour workshop Silvia will share with you:

  • how the brain works and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage

  • practical tips on how to be more thoughtful and less reactive

  • how to identify negative thoughts and direct your thought energy towards a more positive outcome

  • how changing the way you think can help you facilitate your desired change

A Note From Your Host - Tamsin Acheson - The Business Haven

This Business Haven event brings together entrepreneurs and business owners in the spirit of community, collaboration, and connection. The day includes a two-hour presentation with a local expert from 10:00-12:00 and then the opportunity to co-work for the remainder of the afternoon, finishing at 15:30.

As your host and local business coach I will be available to answer your business related questions and will provide tea and coffee in terms of refreshment - lunch is NOT included but there are plenty of local shops in walking distance or you can bring your own, there are kitchen facilities at the venue.

This is a non-profit venture and all funds raised through ticket purchases are donated to local and international charities.

For more information please send me an email at: - space is limited so act fast!

Earlier Event: 28 October
The Business Clinic
Later Event: 26 November
The Business Clinic