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Marketing for Small Businesses

Are you overwhelmed by all of the marketing you could or SHOULD be doing?

Inbound, outbound, digital, internet, content, search, social media, online, email, relationship, referral, newsletter, freebie, drip, niche, direct, indirect, event, offline, viral, mass, scarcity, word-of-mouth, ……… there are more than 50 types of marketing strategy.

Time is so precious and there are so many platforms which are the best for your business?

Most small businesses are the manifestation of a dream, run by business owners who want to be their own boss and sell a service or product in which they truly believe. Rarely does someone go into business because they want to spend hours figuring out ways to persuade customers to engage with them, buy from them, or even notice them.

BUT the success of any small business is dependent on being noticed, engaged with and bought from. For a small business to succeed it must connect with its audience on a personal level.

This interactive 5-hour workshop combines theory, psychology, skills and useful techniques that you can apply to your business straight away. You will identify which marketing activities you enjoy and which strategies and platforms work best for you in your business. Rather than trying to do all, let’s focus your time and resources only on marketing activities that produce the most results for you.

Bottom line – you will complete an individual marketing strategy for your business, leaving with a clear and concise idea of how to move forward with your marketing and the excitement and confidence to execute your plan.

Make every pound and minute that you invest into marketing your business count!

This is for you if you want to:

  • Take a fresh look at your business and make your marketing activities more effective.

  • Gain solid understanding of how to approach your marketing and build a positive reputation.

  • Understand how to harness online and offline marketing opportunities that are right for your business without spending a massive budget.

  • Rise above the confusion and create a simple, easy-to-understand marketing approach that does not monopolize your entire week.

    "I attended Tammy's workshop today and came away with all sorts of ideas! Her approach was refreshing, inspiring, packed full of information. She has a warm and gently humorous approach in her workshop delivery and managed to pack in time for discussion, working on our own and sharing her knowledge and own personal anecdotes too. This relaxed but informative style is exactly what I look for in a workshop.”

    Helene Jewell

    Your Outcomes

    You will –

    • Get clear about your marketing objectives
    • Decide which marketing tools and techniques are going to work best for your business
    • Choose the right channels and strategies to maximise results
    • Analyse and update your marketing strategy
    • Gain more time to focus on marketing channels that bring you better results.
    • Reap the benefits of working with greater productivity, achieving better results with less effort!

    "I attended Tammy’s workshop today and it was brilliant! Packed full of value and strategies that I can immediately implement in my business. I can’t wait for her next workshop in February”.

    Emma Van Heusen

    Content will include, but is not limited to:

    • Identifying your audience and finding out what makes them tick
    • Profiling your customers, being clear on the relationship you intend to build.
    • Understanding USP's and developing these into a point of difference that makes your customer sit up and listen.
    • Creating marketing objectives.
    • Selecting the right communication style, content, channels and campaigns to engage your audience.
    • Most popular tools and which ones will be the most appropriate for your business.
    • How to get started on key channels and how they can complement each other.
    • Creating your simple strategic marketing plan.
    • Evaluating and measuring the effectiveness of your strategy.

    “Tamsin clearly has an enormous amount of experience and expertise that she is just BURSTING to share with everyone and delivers it with bundles of energy! Very engaging and inspiring to listen to. You're guaranteed to leave any session feeling energised and ready to take action in your business”.

    Amy Coe