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Telling & Writing Your Story (through Mailchimp)


Are you really reaching your audience with your story?

Does your story resonate with your audience?

How are you telling it?

ARE you even telling it?

Is it making a powerful impact on your business life and the lives of others?

Stories hold the magic that connects your brand message to the hearts of your audience. There is no better way to grab your customer's attention than to tell a meaningful story about you, your product and your brand – as long as it is interesting, engaging and helps your audience relate to you, forming a deeper connection.

Who does not like to listen to exciting stories?

This interactive 5-hour workshop Storytelling meets technology to create a powerful tool for your business. We combine theory, psychology, technology and skills guiding you through the process of setting up a mailchimp welcome sequence using a crafted story that connects and resonates emotionally with your audience.

Bottom line – Storytelling is by far one of the best ways your brand can develop deeper connections with your audience.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Get people to stop what they're doing and give your content their full attention.
  • Promote yourself and your product or service without pushing your message onto others.
  • Develop an emotional connection with your audience through highlighting the similarities between ourselves and others, real or imagined.
  • Create an automated sequence that invites your prospective clients in to get to know you and your brand
  • Stimulate the imagination of your prospective customers and build a sense of community between teller and listener.

“ Sam effortlessly brings her feelings and thoughts to life through her writing, creative workshops and the wonderful online magazine Catching Life. Sam is an absolute joy to work with bringing creative ideas as well as business and marketing acumen to the table. I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a creative writer and/or public speaker to add depth and meaning to their publication/event to get in touch with Sam.”

Sarah Cook

Your Outcomes

You will –

  • Learn to develop a welcome series with MailChimp that invites your community to step into your story which will engage and inspire them to take action.

  • Feel safe to use your voice, gaining the courage and confidence to tell your story with emotion, inspiring those who read it.

  • Craft your story so it powerfully connects you with your community

  • Create a welcome series in MailChimp built around your story

  • Learn how you can develop this into a series of communications to engage and inspire your community through various platforms.

“I can highly recommend Samantha for her people skills and her talent for creating order out of complexity”.

Arabella Tresilian

Content will include, but is not limited to:

  • Why people react positively to powerful story

  • The power of storytelling in the visual format

  • How to step into owning your story

  • Understanding how to craft and share your story

  • Learn how to break your story into a series

  • Learn how to create a welcome series in MailChimp

  • Understand the steps in MailChimp so you can recreate an automated series again

“Sam has installed some great habits into my business that are now there for life and do them automatically without even thinking about it now. Great to work with, always available and a good planner”.

Maria Foxwell

Sam Osbiston is a Creative Non-Fiction writer, Co-Author of Women of Spirit and Founding Editor of Catching Life Magazine, a platform for mindful misfits to share their everyday stories and make a positive impact in the world.

In addition to her storytelling prowess Sam has 7 years of experience creating successful systems with clients. She magically marries technology with storytelling to provide you with the knowledge to apply this productive and highly engaging marketing tool to your business.

Earlier Event: 24 September
The Business Clinic
Later Event: 17 October
The Business Clinic