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Rise & Shine - POWER - A Two Day Transformational Workshop

Freedom comes from knowing who you are and having the courage to stand in the full extent of your power.


  • Raise Your Awareness
  • Be Honest With Yourself
  • Stand In Your Power
  • Accept Yourself Fully
  • Connect With Others Authentically


Are you standing in your power or are you trying to please others?

Are things happening TO you or FOR you?

Do you feel powerful? Or powerless? Are you living a life of compromise?

What DO you have the power to change?


Have the courage to live by your own values, priorities and standards without apology.

live life

It is so easy to give your power away, to let others choose the direction of your life for you, to kowtow all the time to familial demands, to take on EVERYTHING that is asked of you regardless of what is already on your plate.

Let’s be honest – we all like to be needed, we all like to please, there is a victim and a martyr inside us all who just loves elevate the importance of others and put everything of even our own basic needs. Do you know that part of you? Do you know when and why that part of you makes an appearance?

When you give your power away you become that martyr, a victim of circumstance.

  • You invalidate your own thoughts and opinions.
  • You assume others are better, greater, know more and have all of the answers you need.
  • You give up your right to be selective and genuinely believe you have no choice or control.

Eventually you lose sight of who you are as a unique individual and end up with no idea what you want from life for yourself, feeling lost, self doubting, overwhelmed, inadequate, undeserving and confused.

Life becomes one compromise after another; one sacrifice after another and no one is happy.





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This interactive 2-day workshop takes you through a process of self discovery, resolving conflicts within your mind, yourself, with other people and your wider world. Through creating a greater understanding of ourselves in relation to others and our environment we can effect positive change.

  • We will explore who you are – the parts of you that you accept and love and the parts of you that you reject and hide – so that you can reclaim your whole self, finding your power and voice along the way.

  • We will look at your relationship with power, choice and control.

  • We will consider your interactions with others and how you might like them to be different.

  • We will create and experience what it feels like to be a more powerful version of self, developing choice and the responsibility required to co-create a new reality.

Through creating more personal power you learn to embrace life, adopt a more courageous approach to uncertainty, and develop a deep sense of knowing that whatever is around the corner, you have the confidence, capacity and confidence to face it head on and come out on top.

power workshop

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling or experiencing any of the following: anger, resentment, guilt, undeserving, overwhelmed, inadequate, self critical, judgmental, jealous of others, blame, fearful of confrontation / rejection, and like you are not good enough.

  • You want to understand yourself more fully, be more intentional with your thoughts and choices, playing a more active role in the co-creation of your reality.

  • You want to overcome self doubt and self sabotage, clearing the way for success and abundance.

  • You want to raise your self awareness and adjust your life, relationships, self care, attitude and personal beliefs to stay clear of complacency and unconscious living.

  • You want to be less reactive and worry less about what others might think, focusing more on being responsive to your own unique life experiences.

Live you life


*** Explore survival programming and societal conditioning.

*** Connect to a deeper truth of who you are and what is important to you.

*** Remove the masks and meet your true self and full potential.

*** Understand your relationship with power, choice and control.

*** Investigate what it means to stand in your truth and the implications in your current reality.

Believe in Yourself


*** Learn how to create healthy boundaries that give you control over how you spend your time and with whom.

*** Learn how to let go of the hurt, anger, shame and guilt that interferes with your ability to enjoy life.

*** Learn how to manage your emotions, regardless of others, taking less responsibility for how others behave.

*** Learn how to say YES to yourself, focusing on what is right for you.

*** Learn how to be different and authentic whilst still fulfilling your need to belong.


confidence and peace

"Expand your perspective, see new pathways and possibilities; come into your genuine, best-self now"

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