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Selling In Your Style

How do you feel about selling?





The truth is your customers need you to sell. That is why you set up your business, right? You've got something you want to give to the world, something you feel passionate about, that you know you can help people with ………… right?

The ONLY way you can truly make that impact is by making the sale.

Your customers NEED you to sell to them so they can experience what you have to offer.

This interactive 5-hour workshop combines the theory, psychology, science and skills required to identify the mindset blocks, overcome them and build the confidence you need to start making sales - in a non-icky way! We will explore the concept of sales we will redefine the sales process to be one that you actually enjoy, shifting the process so that it feels different. We will look at how, through creating more opportunities to interact and serve your clients and having authentic conversations, sales become a natural byproduct without the need to engage in icky, pushy hard sales tactics.

Bottom line – you can sell in your style.

This is for you if you want:

  • Sales techniques that work for you because the traditional processes feel pushy and aggressive.
  • Practical knowledge to use in casual, yet convincing conversion conversations with prospective clients.
  • To enter a conversation with a prospective client with confidence and structure it in a way that nurtures trust and rapport and makes the prospect feel at ease and eager to get your solution.
  • To win your customers through your personality, interpersonal skills and trust relationship.

“ I attended my first workshop and I have come away with a refreshed frame of mind as to how to get customers! Came home and immediately signed up for the next one and told my friends all about it! Tammy is a fantastic speaker and I am very happy that we have met!”.

Gemma Burchill

Your Outcomes

You will –

  • Learn to do a “needs” assessment; understand a prospect’s current needs and pains, and urge them to reveal their ideal future self.
  • Learn to present your solution as the vehicle to getting to that ideal future self, presenting a tailored solution that meets their true needs.
  • Understand how to put you and the listener in a no-pressure, nurturing environment.
  • Distinguish between real and fake objections and how to unravel their real objection and their top value.
  • Learn to sell from a place of service positioning yourself as a decision facilitator.

“The workshop was packed with info, but also gave us room to breathe and think. Tammy's enthusiasm is infectious and the quality of her presentation is second to none. The best thing is that I now have goal setting skills, not just for my business but for life in general”.

Charlotte Nock

Content will include, but is not limited to:

  • Unleashing the confident / assertive you.
  •  Understanding clients and building relationships based on trust and support.
  • Understanding buying behaviour and supporting clients through the buying process with confidence.
  • Asking questions & what questions to ask.
  • Listening attentively to identify true needs, desires, fears and objections.
  • Learn to lead your conversation to create a persuasive, personalised solution.
  • The art of making your prospect a made-to- measure proposition they cannot refuse.
  • How to turn objections into opportunities and position yourself against price concerns.
  • Create urgency to positively affect buying decisions, closing and call to actions.

“Tamsin knows her stuff and is great at pulling what's in your head and out onto paper then adding structure so you come away all set and ready to go. I have a real sense of direction and a plan now”.

Zoe Thompson


Later Event: 24 May
The Business Clinic