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Brain Based Time Management

Is your day filled with “tasks”, meetings, deadlines, and to-do lists littered with checkboxes and strike-throughs?

Do you measure daily success by how much you “cross off,” not how much you actually achieve?

Are you in control of your environment or is your environment controlling you?

In the quest for time management to check off as much as possible, we wind up creating stress, which leads to procrastination and delays; the very thing we’re trying to avoid.

This interactive 5-hour workshop combines the theory, psychology, science and skills required to change the way you view time and tasks.

Bottom line – you can’t manage time, in fact it isn’t even time we are managing. You need to learn to manage YOU – your mind, your attention and your focus in order to be more productive.

This is for you if you want to:

  • Find time every day for creativity, spontaneity and doing the things you really care about.
  • Switch off the 'noise' and ensure that you are diverting all your brain power to where it's needed - at the right time.
  • Move beyond the “one size fits all” outdated time management strategies and look at the internal conflicts and pressures that actually influence your approach to work.
  • Get the best out of every day in terms of goal achievement – personal and professional.

“I attended a couple of workshops run by Tamsin and they have been excellent. It's often the case when you go to a workshop it's great at the time but as time goes on its easy to forget things, not here. She has a way of sharing nuggets of info the just come back right when you need them”.

Lucie Gray

Your Outcomes

You will –

  • Change the way you view time and tasks.
  • Understand how your brain operates and learn how to work with it.
  • Define your personal mind management strategies.
  • Learn to free up your neurons for more productive use.
  • Get back in charge of your attention and reclaim your time.

“Attended my first worship with Tamsin yesterday and it was jam packed. It achieved everything I needed: information, insights, coaching to come around to my own answers, made me uncomfortable so I could move forward and challenged me in ways I couldn't have guessed. Thank you Tamsin for sharing your knowledge so freely and wanting the best for your clients”.

Victoria Laws

Content will include, but is not limited to:

  • Understanding your brain and mind management
  • Focus Management Strategies
  • Managing your cognitive load
  • Understanding to OVERCOME distraction and procrastination
  • Task Scheduling & Prioritisation
  • Delegation & Saying “No”
  • Tips & Hacks that trick your brain

“Another fabulous four hours. Everything Tamsin said, projected or had on her board was dripping with insight! Not just for business – it will help me be a better person in normal life. So much great information, my brain hurts, Awesome”.

Mary Cook

Later Event: 19 March
The Business Clinic