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Networking for Business Success

This four-hour workshop will explore the art of networking, covering all aspects and the skills required to perfectly pitch your business to your target audience.

We will start at the very beginning, looking at why you want to network, how it might benefit your business and how you might go about selecting the networking events that are right for you. Essentially, looking at the intention behind networking and how to set specific networking goals that are in alignment with your overall business goals.

Then, we will explore how networking events differ and what preparation is required in advance, including how you might present yourself and your business. Do you want to know how to make an absolutely amazing first impression that builds credibility and trust from the onset?

Additionally, we will create or finetune the content of your business pitch and see how it can be adapted for different time lengths. You will also have the opportunity to practice your business pitch in a small, safe, personal space without the fear of judgement, getting positive, constructive feedback from the group.

Finally, we will look at the confidence required to stand up in front of other people and present. You will learn the skills that are essential to managing your nerves, professionally projecting your voice, conveying your message accurately and passionately and other top speaking tips.

This workshop integrates the THINK, FEEL and DO of networking with confidence for business success!

Content will include:

  • Whyyou want to network and business benefits
  • Selecting the networking events that are right for you.
  • Creating your networking intention.
  • Preparing for events.
  • Positive first impressions.
  • Building credibility and trust. 
  • Writing the perfect pitch.
  • Pitching practice and feedback.