3 Month Programme

Results are gained through identifying and exploiting opportunities, planning in a focused, systematic and strategic way, and taking positive, consistent steps towards the markers that lead to your definition of business success.


Every business needs an over-arching, well thought out plan that lays out goals and informs strategy. Without a plan business undertakings are likely to be hit-and-miss, reactive and inconsistent. A strategic plan is vital in helping you to focus on key activities and manage your business more effectively day to day. By committing your thoughts to paper (or screen) you get a better overview and understanding, giving you the ability to chart specific courses of action, set clear objectives and allocate the resources required to ensure goal achievement.

Plan to Succeed what's included coaching package

What's Included

• One 45 minute FREE consultation

• Three 90 minute coaching sessions

• Two 60 minute check-in sessions

• Email Access throughout the programme

• Two Emergency 10 minute calls

This 3 Month Coaching Programme takes the stress out of strategic planning and helps you STOP and THINK about your business and what you want to achieve. Together, we explore the ideas in your head, take the best ones and formulate a clear unique strategic direction for you and your business.

You can start at any time as we work with weeks not months of the year.

We start with a 90 minute planning session that identifies your business planning needs, areas of competence and areas requiring more thought and support. We then focus in on setting one to three ambitious goals that you want to achieve during our time working together and map out the activities that will give you the best possible chance of success should you commit fully to the agreed progressive actions.

We then connect for 60 minutes in week 3, 90 minutes in week 6 and  60 minutes in week 9 to keep you on track, help you navigate obstacles and changing circumstances and offer you the accountability needed to execute your plan in a purposeful and timely manner for ultimate success. Our programme concludes with a 90 minute session in week 13 that involves review, evaluation and the consolidation of all learning.

Investment | £847


Payment Plan Available 

Deposit £147 + 4 Installments of £175

Payments must be completed before the final session is booked .