3 Month Intense Programme

All successful people are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.


Business owners often neglect time for planning and reflection, especially when perceived pressures are escalating and “doing” seems to make more sense than thinking. The default is to work harder and create busyness, until there is “no time” to think, constantly driving forward.

When you - PLAN - IMPLEMENT - REVIEW - REFLECT - LEARN - THINK AND PLAN AGAIN, you gain a greater sense of internal control which enhances your self-belief and confidence. This is the process that we go through together throughout this programme.

time to reflect what's included coaching package

Programme Structure

• One 45 minute FREE consultation

• Three 120 minute planning sessions

• Four 60 minute check-in sessions

• Email Access throughout the programme

• Four Emergency 10 minute calls

This 3-Month Coaching Programme helps you to protect your planning and reflection time, providing you with a clear, effective structure shared with a collaborator (me!) who can offer insight, alternative perspectives, ask challenging questions and help you shape the process to best achieve your desired outcome. By scheduling your planning and reflection time in advance you are more likely to commit to it fully rather than finding a reason to skip and avoid it!

You can start at any time as we work with weeks not months of the year.

We set the strategic direction for the twelve weeks in a 120 minute planning session, articulating your intentions, outcomes, deliverables and clarifying the progressive action that is going to result in goal achievement. In week 2 and 4 we connect again for 60 minutes to evaluate progress and move through any challenges or obstacles that may have presented. We make sure you are on track and that your endeavours are still strategically relevant, making any necessary adaptations in response to changing market conditions, technologies or consumer needs. Then in week 6 we meet for our next 120 minute reflection/planning session, followed by 60 minute progress evaluations in weeks 8 and 10. In week 12 we close the process with a 120 minute conclusion session, providing the opportunity to review the whole 6-month period, evaluating the process and consolidating our learning.


Investment | £1247


Payment Plan Available 

Deposit £197 + 3 Installments of £350

Payments must be completed before the final session is booked .